Family can also be uplifting, inspiring, complicated, frustrating and all sorts of other emotional extremes. As a fairly new parent (my twin girls are 4 as of this writing), I realize they are teaching me as much as I am raising them. My husband and are committed to sharing our experiences openly - from our surrogacy process in India to figuring out the day-to-day stuff all while enjoying the cuddles, the jokes and even the melt-downs (especially our own).

This page offers a glimpse of my family - from my Father who passed away from a brain aneurysm just over a decade ago to my brother and his long-time fiancé. And of course there are pics of my husband Jess Gronholm and our daughters Hope and Makena. I felt it important to share who they are since they truly make up so much of who I am and how I approach life. Here’s to Family!

Where the wild Twins are

My 2015 Birthday Party where we made a short film inspired by Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" with my then 8 month old twins.