#livelovelarge is the personification of my personal purpose to inspire folks to be their most real & powerful selves, which ultimately means living with a big ole open heart. 

Here's what I know: life is pretty simple. Yet, as ever-evolving humans, we can totally overthink things. I know I used to. I was way inside my head versus in my heart. What other people thought shaped my actions instead of me figuring out and living for my own true intentions and purpose.

Luckily, we all have experiences that inform us and if we accept them, they can shape us in great ways. I've lived off of cans of tuna and honey mustard while navigating through career changes from being a lawyer to a non-profit director to a performer hustling to get that audition.  In 2007, I lost my Dad. He was in a coma for 6 months before passing away and I still carry those conversations I had with him, pleading with him to wake up or at times telling him it was okay to let go. In 2013, I had a bout with testicular cancer (still cancer-free! Yes!). And for decades -  man, oh man there have been some major "What is going on in this  relationship I'm in?" moments, not to mention the struggle to have kids (with two guys there were some obvious challenges). Through all this, there was the constant question of "Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing?" But it finally hit me - it's all so simple. If we just take each moment as our most powerful, creative moment - we can only thrive. It's one choice: to live love large.

Here's what else I know - to keep on keepin' on with the right choices - it helps to have support.  Sometimes little reminders help. So I got you. For daily tips on living life/LOVE large, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  Need more than little reminders or want to collaborate on a film, dance, fitness or leadership project?  Submit your deets and let’s explore how we can live large together. 

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